Record data with the Amusement Park Physics application.
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Data from the U.S. Geological Survey on the flow rate of the Merrimack River, as recorded in Lowell, Massachusetts, from June 2005 to June 2013.
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This experiment includes historical data from the Merrimack River Watershed Council, data collected by students at UMass Lowell's Bellegarde Boathouse, and additional data contr...
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Enter your data from the tablet here -- either pH or temperature.
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Count color quantity of Skittle in a small (halloween size) bag
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Walk around with Android device recording GPS coordinates while one explores different booths.
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Enter your data from the tablet here if you are collecting pH information
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Charles River water quality data from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, covering 2010 and 2011. This data set includes temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, an...
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Using the Android Phone measure Acceleration, Location, and Time while riding the rides.
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GPS and elevation data from a day of snowboarding at Crotched Mountain in Bennington, NH.
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