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Roll two dice and take the sum. Move that frog one jump closer to the pond. Before starting, guess which frog will win and how many total rolls it will take for the first fro...
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Roll die until all possible numbers appear at least once. When all numbers have appeared, count the number of total rolls. Record your prediction and the actual number in this...
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this is to test the new ppt
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Walk along the river and take pictures
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Each day between 12:30-1:00 EST record weather Record Date, local time and universal time Observe and record could type (use cloud type diagram) Observe and record contra...
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This lab involves a student investigation into the relationship between the speed of a bubble in a tube as a function of the angle of inclination of the tube.
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Place the pH sensor in baking soda and water mix. Then add vinegar to see what happens.
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